Monday, November 19, 2007

Great Idea #475

Sometimes Sean just doesn't get excited about things the way that I do; the way that he should. For example: I am totally a hat person. Or, more accurately, i want to be. What's holding me back is my stupid glasses. I have a hard time wearing hats because they press down on my glasses which gives me a major headache. Trying to hoof it around this town in the bitter cold is painful enough. (<-- there is my daily whine about the weather) Therefore, my desire to wear hats is frustrated and I haven't been sure what to do.

Until yesterday.

A few days ago I bought a couple beanie hats at H&M. I wore one on Saturday and though it wasn't a tight hat at all, it still pressed down and i had a good headache by the end of the day. Bah! So last night I figured it out, and this is where I see a serious lack of enthusiasm from Sean because, in my opinion, this solves ALL of my hat problems.

My brilliant idea? To put my glasses on OVER the hat. exhibit A:

exhibit B: (closeup)

Isn't that marvelous? It totally takes care of my problem! There's no pressure on my glasses. They can rest easy and light on my face like glasses should, and I can see AND be warm, headache-free!

When I made this discovery and whooped triumphantly, I showed it to Sean who looked at me thoughtfully for a moment and then responded in his dry, Sean-way: "that... is uber-geeky."

What?? This is GREAT! is what i said. "AND," i continued excitedly, "I can pull the hat down a bit and hide behind it when i'm out and about!" (yet can still see)

exhibit C:

To which he replied, "you look like a total freak right now."

No way. I am convinced this is an awesome idea and I amaze myself at my own ingenuity. It's going to catch on too, mark my words. You saw it here first.


Anonymous said...

Exhibit C is totally scary and no one will ever disagree. I mean, look at that! It's like your head's been cut in half and your eyes have been gouged out...

)en said...

sick, morbid.

and nuh uh... it's awesome. you're just unnerved because i can see you and you can't see that i can see you. that's the beauty of it. it's like super dark sunglasses but way, way cooler.

Brooke said...

Jen, I am once again reminded of your genius.

Sheer brilliance.

Also, I think exhibit C looks like you're the Invisible (wo)Man. I think you should sport that look as often as possible.

The Gardner Gang said...

I LOVE your idea. If I were more of a hat person, I'd do exactly the same thing.

Actually -- I would have to be more of a glasses person too. I have them, but don't really need them. I wear them to read because I can read faster AND I wear them to work because I am required to wear eye protection and didn't want to be seen in those HUMONGO goggles they supply for us.

You probably have a good answer for this next question, but.... Why not contacts?

Michelle said...

I love it Jen. I think it would definitly be the new style.

)en said...

ahh.. contacts. Contacts and i have a love hate relationship in that i love them and they hate me. so maybe you could also call it an unrequited love. anyway, yeah. i wear them sometimes but only once in a while, like on sundays. and then after a few hours my eyes start to spit and hiss.

also, i actually wore the new look to the store the other day. it was great and worked like a dream. it was especially good when i buttoned up my sweater all the way to the top so it was up and around my face & i was almost completely hidden.

the trend has been set.

Natalie R. said...

I can't quite tell, are you putting the ear pieces through the hat or are they just sitting on it? If the latter, how do your glasses not fall off??

Don't forget about your glasses when you take off your hat! ;0) Definitely a way cool idea.