Wednesday, October 24, 2007

things i saw today

1. a guy on the train furiously working at a rubik's cube. At first i was impressed but he never finished it the whole train ride and if you're going to win me with a rubik's cube, it has to be immediate. anyone can frantically spin it around and look like they know what they're doing. To his credit, i did at one point see the whole side of whites but other than that, it was a no-go.

2. a lady standing next to me who littered carelessly and then spat at random. She also invaded my space while waiting for the train. i understand it's a tight squeeze but she was totally in my territory. i had staked it out way before she even got there. Fortunately the doors opened right where i was so i was forced to scoot to the side to let people off, and i waited in front of her. prime position. sucka!

3. a farmer's market

4. many, many british people

5. the biggest happy birthday balloon i've ever seen in my life and i became green with envy. I am reminded of the time I gathered 80 balloons from byu campus during the women's conference and almost felt myself lift off the ground. That's the stuff dreams are made of, my friends.


Joel said...

Actually, that's the stuff Darwin Awards are made of.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about that balloon event! Actually, they did something like that on Myth Busters and found that you probably could never lift off the ground. But yeah, it got sooo heavy!

)en said...

ha! hey, he didn't die. :) it may be foolish, but i don't think there's anyone in the world who hasn't, at one point in their lives, wished for that. I just happen to have carried that dream beyond my childhood.

Such a fun day, michelle. how could that not work? just add more balloons. eventually it'll lift me. now i'm going to try it just to prove myth busters wrong.

Anonymous said...

1. Littering
2. Spitting (?!)
3. Space intrusion

Looks like time for deportation to me...

)en said...

ha ha. sean! i am shocked. but yeah, she was a real treasure. you know i am not one who can easily hide her true feelings and had she glanced my way she'd have seen my look of complete disgust and i probably wouldn't have even been embarrassed.