Saturday, October 27, 2007

just a tip

Let's pretend you secretly want to be ambidextrous so occasionally you'll do things with your opposite hand. Well, in case you're wondering, it is IMPOSSIBLE to brush your teeth with your opposite hand. Believe me. I have never been so uncoordinated in all my life. I could barely even get the toothbrush to my mouth. It's like i suddenly had hands for the first time and didn't know what they were used for. I would have done a more efficient tooth-brushing job had I held the toothbrush in place and moved my head back and forth and up and down. Anyway, just so you know.


Anonymous said...

Ah! many times I have tried to brush with my right hand (I'm left-handed) and as many times i have been struck with the dreaded toothbush-slip-STAB-in-the-gums-with-the-blunt-end-of-the-toothbrush-I-can't-believe-pain-like-this-is-possible, ooohh how I hate that.

)en said...

sean, i don't know how you don't ALWAYS hurt yourself since you attack, i mean brush your teeth with such vigorous ferocity. Maybe this is why you have such a pleasant calm nature about you. You vent all your aggression at teethbrushing time.