Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Flashback

So on this computer there's a little square to the side that's a slideshow of pictures. It shows all the pictures we have on the computer, of which there are a ton. Sometimes the most random pictures that i've completely forgotten about show up and it's a fun moment of reminiscience.

Here is one of them. Halloween of... I'm going to say, 2001? This is my sister Ashley and me. We found these wretched outfits at the D.I. and decided to go as an angel and devil. (Actually, i borrowed that rockin' jacket from my roommate Rachel ) This is also appropriate because I feel like Ashley never ever got in trouble back in the day and i always did. But remember, things that appear to be good, may not be, and things that appear evil may not... nahh, forget it. I am the evil one.

sidenote: i like the picture of Jesus right over my shoulder. That's nice.

To see some fun Halloween pics from last year, click here.

We have a tradition in my family as old as the ages of time. It is Apple Uglies. My family actually just had their big apple ugly party on Monday and i am at this very moment unwrapping caramels (and yes, getting the keyboard very sticky) to do them tonight.

Click here to read a list of things i've been for Halloween.

Continuing the scary/halloween theme...

And here's the longest thing ever written in the history of writing things. Read it only if you're being tortured to. Also, reading it might be torture. So i guess, read it if you like being tortured.


Ashley said...

Thanks for not clearing this with me before you decided to publish my ugliness for the whole world to see. It does bring back fond memories, though. Also, what the heck am I doing with my mouth? It kind of looks like I'm headed into the gross look but not quite there. Yet another good face by Ash.

)en said...

are you kidding? look at MY face? what the heck is that?? besides, i couldn't clear it w/you because you''re lost in never never land. yes, that's right.. poland isn't real.

KamilahNYC said...

Seriously sweet!