Friday, September 28, 2007

Not a food blog

This is NOT a food post. Some people post pictures of food they make and the ingredients that went into it but that is NOT what i am doing because-no offense-I can think of few things more BORING. No, this is a post to show how utterly awesome I am. Check it out:

Oh, just some souffles i whipped up last night that are what i imagine heaven tastes like. That's all. Carry on.

(If you are interested in more Jen recipes, click here)


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Very impressive!

Michelle said...

Nice Jen. Can I come over?

Our Blog said...

I love how the brown and pink look together.

Anonymous said...

cool! thanks. :)

p.s. i realize these are nothing on your cakes... except.. you know what, maybe they are. because these souffles ROCKED. no, but really.. those were some amaze-o cakes and it's dumb i'm commenting on your stuff on my blog but i'm lazy, so there you go.

everyone click on the link and see her cakes. :)

and michelle-yes, please come over.

Brooke said...

Sheer beauty, Jen. Sheer beauty.