Sunday, September 16, 2007

Most Kissable: Sloth or Orangutan?

Continuing our questJENnaire...

If you had to kiss an orangutan or a sloth, which would it be? Why?

My answer: A sloth. I'm not sure what a sloth's mouth is like, but i feel like kissing an orangutan would be a little too close to kissing a human. -A human with nasty teeth, breath, and a furry mouth. And huge, sloppy lips. And that's just something that i don't think i want to do, if i have a choice.

My brother said: I'd have to go with sloth because it would be slow and sweet. Uh, I mean. Crap! actually an orangutan would be like kissing myself so that's no good either.

Haha ha...

My niece said: I'm totally not comfortable with kissing either of them...but a sloth would be better because they wouldn't squeeze you to death when u got close enough to kiss them. like an orangutan would.

I like that one, especially the last line. "like an orangutan would." Clearly. :)

My sister said: A sloth. I'm hoping a sloth's mouth hasn't been near where I think an orangutan's has been. They just hang out and eat leaves...right?

My other sister said: For some reason, sloths, to me, always seem to be drooling. Therefore, I would opt to kiss an orangutan.
When asked where this idea came from, she said "I don't know." Perhaps she's associated drooling with acting slothfully.

My sister-in-law said: Death

So what do you think? If you had to choose. Weigh it out in your mind, compare the pros and cons. Give us your thoughts. I really want your input on this.


Anonymous said...

I am going to go with orangutan. It seems to me that an orangutan would have delicious rainforest fruity breath, but a sloth is bound to have pretty yucky breath, since that's what people cultivate during slothful moments (such as while sleeping). Imagine a sloth-lifetime of morning breath and pucker up! The choice is obvious.

)en said...

Hmm. Interesting point. But what do orangutans eat? I wonder.

Also, which is more likely to bite me as I lean in? Does a sloth have sharp teeth? Are they mean, vicious animals? An orangutan probably has LARGER teeth... so yeah.. i don't know. interesting.

Joel said...

As much as I hate to side with the majority, I'd have to go for the sloth. I once played catch with both a sloth and a couple species of primates (though not an orangutan per se), and the monkeys will sometimes go nuts for no reason at all. So for ease of escape, I'd go with the sloth.

Plus they look sort of like a stuffed animal.

)en said...

good point. although my sister and i looked up what exactly sloths look like and they are WEIRD. I mean, their arms are freakishly long and those claws are insane. they kind of scare me. i may have just developed an unnatural fear of sloths.