Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ann Taylor makes me feel good about myself

So i went to Ann Taylor a few weeks ago in search for an Easter dress. I like how Easter is an excuse to get frilly new dresses. You should have seen the ones i used to have. OH MAN. Peachy, lacy, frilly.. the works. Anyway, now i just like to get a new dress, not so much frilly. So we went inside. Here's the thing: The sizes i normally wear are much too big at Ann's. I bought a super cute dress and it's a size 6. I am not a size 6, people. So thanks, Ann, for making me feel like I am even though I know i'm not.

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Brooke said...

I love Ann Taylor for the same reason! I think I got a size 4 skirt there once and it made me giddy. More stores should try lying about sizes. :)

Or, we should stop shopping in 'juniors' where I can only wear large or ex-large shirts or pants that are 3 sizes bigger than what I would normally wear.