Thursday, February 15, 2007

Christmas Recap

I know, I know. It's February, but i wanted to get some pictures from Christmas up and I'm finally doing it so hush and look at them. Do it!!!

Here are some Christmas cookies I made with Andes mint and loooots and lots of chocolate. Mmm.

Here is a picture of a "string band" at the church christmas party. It was a 5-person band consisting of i think an acoustic guitar, a mandolin, a steel guitar, and a 12-string. And a violin. It was pretty sweet.

Here is a picture of me with santa baby, aka Effie, adorable daughter of good friends Dom and Katie. Effie was named after a greek lady who runs a small diner nearby.

We had our Christmas morning a few days before the actual day. I came in and this is what i saw! it was almost as tall as meeee!

What was it, you ask?

a digital piano!!!

I got Sean an artist's drafting board. It's not as cool as a piano but still kind of cool.

We spent Christmas with Sean's family. Here is most of the Morellos in front of the tree.

Here is baby Janice, the first grandbaby of Sean's family and basically the star of the show.

Christmas morning!

My mother got me a puzzle of the entire world.

It was a feat, but we got it done. I took some pictures because i really don't know the next time we'll attempt that one again. oy!

Here are Sean and Ryan getting good practice with Janice. Don't they all look adorable.


Here's Sean's mom and the little one. So cute.

After Christmas, we took a road trip with jared who stayed with us for a couple days. here is a picture of us somewhere downtown. I can't really tell where we are. It was a super fun time though.

To close, here is a picture of Sean posing for us. He told me specifically he wanted this one to go in the blog.*

*not true


)en said...

First comment on my own blog! I'm cool.

First, i'd like toa pologize for "here IS most..." bad grammar! bad jen, bad! I'm too lazy to go fix it and republish, yet too anal not to say anything.

Second, I see now that we were in front of Radio City Music Hall.

Brooke said...

Cute pics, J. Especially that last one of Sean. Special.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Jen!

Anonymous said...

So cute pictures! Better late than never!