Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No Warm Water = Funtastik!

Want to know something i think is fun and exciting? When you don't have hot water in your apartment!! i know, i know. jeeealousss!

The reason why this is so fun is you get to be creative in ways to wash yourself, particularly if showering in ice water is not an option, which it's not.

Situation: My hair is really gross. I haven't sweated a whole lot or rolled around in mud so i don't think my body is particularly filthy, but the hair--yeah. It's time. So hmmm... what to do, what to doooo. Well, here's what I did. I contemplated washing it in the bathtub but there isn't much room between the flow of water and the tub. Plus the faucet is really low so i'd have to suddenly become freakishly flexible which you'll be surprised to hear, i'm not. Then i remembered there's a spray-option on the filter on our kitchen faucet. Better!

This is the really fun part, because i get to hunch over, my body being held up by abs and sheer will, while i work the hair into a lather. Then i rinse, which takes 5 times as long as in a shower, since the flow is small and i can't get right under it. And remember: the water is cold. One fun thing i like to do while i am eternally rinsing, is watch my hair go down the drain. It really makes me feel like my hair is getting clean. After a while you come to realize the angle at which you are bent does not provide the water to wash your bang-area. So you contort your body, twisting it around while keeping your head under the faucet so that now, you're doing a backbend rinsing out the front of your hair.

Ok, so after i'm about to collapse, i decide I'm done. Next: the conditioner. No problem, i only put it on the length o fmy hair anyway. This is fine. Abs getting a good workout. Ok, so the hair is "washed"! or at least, i've put some water in it and shampoo and conditioner that probably isn't rinsed all the way out. Mmm. Then i put in some mousse. Even more mmmmmm. So, yeah, what a BLAST! I swear.. could it BE more fun around here. I'm even considering doing the dishes in cold water and seeing how long it takes for one of us to become violently ill. Call it a "race" of sorts. The fun just never ends.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a party! I think I'd warm some water on the stove and make a warm bath and wash it in there. I'm not much of a contorter.

)en said...

Now there's an idea... and so old school. It would make me feel like i was living on the prairie. Too bad we don't have a tin basin to fill.

Brooke said...

What's the deal with the no hot water? And, how do I get to experience the same? Man, Jen, you have all the fun!