Friday, January 05, 2007

It's January! Yeah!

Haaaaaapy Neeeew Yeeeeear! Ah, yes. January. Now, one might be feeling kind of glum right now, having the after-Christmas blues. It's a common thing. December is over, the holidays are over, and now it's January. Cold, dark, gloomy January with nothing to look forward to and a dead, withered-looking Christmas tree that you must de-deck and take out tot he curb. It's sad. Some people make new year's resolutions. I don't, really. Not because I don't think it's a good idea, but usually because I'm lazy and usually never really accomplish what i resolve. I just don't have the gusto and determination required. I think I have a pretty good life and I try to better myself, but quite often--probably more often than not--I'm pretty content with things. Is that good? bad? I don't know. But i do know it's just as easy for me to slip into the January gloominess as it is for anyone else. SO. Let us combat that. I will list some good, happy things about January.

1- It is a balmy 53 degrees outside. Is it 53 degrees where YOU live? I live in a climate where the summer is hot and sticky and the winter is cold and bone-chilling. Not this winter. Bwah ha ha! Not yet anyway. It's January and I still get to wear my cute, thinner coats and if i don't ever have to pull out my big ugly winter one, that is just fine with me. Keep your fingers crossed.

2- Two days ago i got a "non-compliance notice" in the mail from the state of NY regarding jury duty. Apparently i have completely ignored two jury duty summons. Hmm. One i called and requested an extension, which i got. The other i don't recall receiving... but either way, i was a little scared. They make it sound like you're this close to going to jail, though I knew it was absurd. Still, i decided to go down the next day and get it taken care of. Apparently you just have to commit to a specific day to serve for jury duty. I chose to stay and do it the same day (yesterday). I was nervous i'd have to come back the next day (or for several days) but i ended up sitting in a large room for 5 hours doing a crossword, eating gummmi savers, and reading Entertainment Weekly before they sent us all home, saying we've served our civic duty and wouldn't have to return for another 6 years. Yeehawww! Everyone cheered and I think there was a "Thank you, Jesus!" from someone in the crowd. Amen, sister.

3- I have started working out again. Now, before you laugh at this cliché resolution that is never seen past March, I'm only doing it to get off the extra poundage I obtained over the holidays. This happens every year. I happen to like to eat at Christmastime and i eat a little too much. So post Christmas i cut down on the sweets and do some cardio and abs until I've lost those extra inches. This is a good thing because i don't like gaining weight and i never work out, so doing something aerobic feels good for my heart and gives me energy.

4- I'm starting up teaching again, my ESL class. I took December off. This month we will continue with idioms and pronunciation until i find something more interesting to teach. That's full of possibilities. Who knows who will be there? All new people from distant lands? Will I see familiar faces? How many people will i teach? 25? 35? 60? Who knows?

5- 2007 is going to be a GREAT year. Why? Many reasons, one of which is this is the year I turn 27 which is going to be a GREAT age. 27. I will be 27 on April 27th, FINALLY! i've waited 27 years for this. You may recall that i like my birthday. This has made it so I really like the number 27. Doesn't it just sound nice? Ahhh. twenty-seven. tweeenteee seeevuhhhn. Anyway, what does this have to do with January? January is 3 months from April, just enough time to begin celebrating.

Happy New Year, happy resolutions, happy fun new things you want to do. I hope you do them. 2007! Yeah!

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Brooke said...

Jen, we need to party like it's 1999 for your b-day this year. I mean, this only happens once in a lifetime. Booyeah!

Happy January!