Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Pics

Oh how I love Christmastime!! I love to eat Christmas junk and listen to Bing and decorate the tree and read Christmas stories. It's just the best. THE best. Here are a few pics of our Christmas this year:

Here is our tree. Happy tree! Sean is putting up some lights

Here is me doing some meticulous decorating:

And here's our gorgeous tree! Ahhh...

Here is Sean singing along with Bing.

These ornaments are hot. I am hotter. Go close-ups!

Here we are working on making some santa ornaments.

Oh, for fun!

Here is a super cool picture of lights on "waves" in a fountain near our house. So neat.

And here is the lit up "tree" under the arch also near our house.

Yay for christmas pics!


Brooke said...

Love your pics, J! Merry Christmas, Morellos!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Cute pictures!