Wednesday, November 01, 2006

SOC: Deportation, etc.

SOC = Stream of Consciousness. Realize I type as i think and don't go back and delete things except for really bad typos.


What if you got deported? Hi, we don't want you anymore. Get out! *boot* That's what i always picture when I hear about people getting deported. Someone actually getting kicked in the pants across country borders. Actually, I just looked on Wikipedia and I guess natives getting the boot from their own country is called banished, exiled. Even worse. "You are hereby banished into exile." I hear of people, criminals usually, getting deported from the U.S. to Canada. How nice is that? Here you go, Canada. Take some criminals. Maybe if they banished them to the upper nethermost regions of the country, that wouldn't be so bad. Though, they might freeze to death. Maybe they could build igloos for them and have them live as enprisoned eskimos, learning how to hunt and use blubber for warmth. If that doesn't rehabilitate someone, I don't know what does. By the way, I think i totally just used the word "eskimo" inappropriately, politically incorrectly, and offensively. It just occurred to me, sorry. What's the correct term? Inuit. But still.. i think i'm still being insulting. It's a stream of consciousness. What can i do? My streams of thought take me to inappropriateness. Hmm. Like that sentence, which makes it sound like i'm describing myself as dirty-minded. Shoot. Anyway, anyone have any thoughts on one or more of the following?: Deportation, banishment, exile, eskimo vs. inuit, or blubber.


Anonymous said...

You really here of criminals getting deported to Canada? I don't think I've ever heard of that... ever... unless you're considering people who have expired visas to be "criminals" ...I sure don't, I'd say they're more like disorganized or shifty than criminal...

Brooke said...

:) Nice, Jen. Loved the SOC. And, I only recently found out "eskimo" is in some ways offensive. Since when? It's kind of like when I found out that when you say you got "gyped," you were actually kicking the gypsies in the pants. Who knew?