Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fun in New England

Sean and I just got back from a trip visiting my parents who were in Boston for business. It was SUCH a fun time! Man! So great. To summarize, we played in Boston for a couple of days, then rented a car and drove to Lexington and Concord, then to Sharon Vermont, then cut across New Hampshire and to the coast of Maine, then down back to Boston. Pretty much the funnest vacation in a long long time. Thanks again, Mom and Dad. Here are some pics!

I didn't get anything in Boston. Sorry. But here's a picture of the visitors center in Concord where we learned about history and Paul Revere and everyone else. They had a cool multi-media presentation that rocked.

The grounds around the center were really very beautiful. And the slight raininess gave everything a misty lush look. So pretty.

This grove of trees was cool.

We had intended on seeing Walden Pond (made famous by Henry Thoreau) but we were on a schedule so we didn't make it. We did, however, see several ponds we deemed as "Walden Ponds." Here's one:

Here's my mom and pop in front of the pond...

..and me and sean.

In Concord, there is this wonderful cheese shop where you can get all these fancy cheese, breads, chocolates, spices, and other goodies. There was a man walking around with samples of breads and you could try any cheese you wanted. We also tried some salmon paté. Basically,this is one of those shops where you can never leave.

We saw Louisa May Alcott's house. QUICK: Name four books she wrote! Little Women! Little Men! Eight Cousins! Ummmm....uhhh... errggghhh! Crap.

Here is our cheese feast laid out before us. Apples, pears, 7 different kinds of cheese, gourmet crackers, it's ALL good.

In Concord near the Cheese Shop. Sean and I love punny titles for stores.

On the way out of Concord we stopped at a food stand where we got some fruit and Sean bought some maple syrup. You can't really tell but my mom is right inside the window there, buying her goods.

The monument in Sharon, VT, birthplace of Joseph Smith. This monument was erected in 1905. That's pretty cool.

Here we are, driving in New Hampshire. I am super dumb and didn't get any pics of the scenery but let me tell you, that drive was the BEST. The leaves had begun to change color and we drove by several sparkling lakes and hilly mountaints. And the quaint small towns with their old churches, cute inns, and candy shops! Ahhhh!

Speaking of old churches...

And speaking of candy shops, we had to stop at a Bavarian Fudge and Candy Shoppe where we loaded up on chocolate. What i'm holding here is a peppermint patty--ohh sweet goodness.

Maine! Now, this may surprise you, but the beach in Maine is quite different from the beach at Coney Island. I know, i know. But it's true. It was very clean and pretty and the water was gorgeous. Isn't the color of the ocean the best color in the world? Mom and Dad sat and watched the waves while Sean and I waded in the water and looked for shells. I will always be 9 when I'm at the beach.

Time for lobster. We ate at a place called The Lobster Pound, where all the locals eat lobster, they say. None of us had had a lobster before so this was it. We decided to share them because they were fatties. We went out and told them what we wanted and they fished our lobsters and weighed them on a scale. One of them was kind of flailing his claws around. Sorry, little buddy. Mom had a fit when they did that and then were taken to the hot pots of scalding water. She could barely stand it. It was awesome. Here we are getting ready for our lobsters. of course we had to wear the bibs.

"Mom, it appears your part has the face..." "Stop it!" heh heh.

Sean and a lobster claw.

A picture of the Maine sky.

That's it. The next day we drove back to Boston where Sean and I hopped on a bus and made the rest of the way home and M&D flew back to Utah. Such good times...


Brooke said...

Beautiful! I know I said this before, but I'm totally jealous of this trip. Especially the autumn leaves part.

Anonymous said...

Now, I'm not saying this so as to get on your good side (see comment where you say Brooke is "the only" (:D) who comments on your posts), but I did want to compliment you on your beautiful and very artistic photos. Love the sky, the monument in Vermont, and the old church. I also loved it when you said, "I will always be 9 at the beach. So poignant and perfectly said.

Anonymous said...

OH what fun! So pretty.