Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pizza on the Pier

One of my favorite things is to go eat Grimaldi's pizza by the pier so we decided to go Monday night. Grimaldi's, aka the world's BEST pizza. And i do mean best. It's this combo of the tastiest sauce, i'd eat it with a spoon, slabs of mozzarella, and giant basil leaves (speaking of basil) that just makes me so happy. Also, we like to get a couple bottles of Brooklyn rootbeer.

Here is a picture of Sean being cute on the way to Grimaldi's.

Here he is still cute, and walking away.

Here is a picture of the famous clock tower in B-town.

Grimaldi's always, but I mean ALWAYS has a long line coming out of it. And everyone stands in it and waits because it's just so worth it.

While I waited, I took a picture of a tourbus full of tourists taking MY picture. Ok, so no one was looking my direction. But they HAD been, moments before i took this picture, and i just got done waving. And posing. Also, there's someone getting out of a taxi.

We decided we'd rather eat outside than in so instead of waiting in line, we ordered inside at the counter and waited outside for a bit before they brought our pizza and rootbeers out to us. Then we took our goods to the pier that is nearby. Mmmm. So good.

Mmm. Rootbeer. So good.

We may have had a little too much to drink.

There were many tourists on the pier this evening. Here is a picture of several people taking pictures of their friends.

The pier is right next to the Brooklyn Bridge. I thought this picture was cool. You can see the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. Fun fact about bridges: There are 2027 bridges in New York City and 19 that connect boroughs. That's a lot of bridges, people.

We decided to get some ice cream at the ice cream shop on the pier. They sell about 5 total flavors of the smoothest, creamiest, fattiest ice cream. We both got chocolate because our last name means "dark, swarthy."

The best part of the pier is the view. As the sky gets darker, the lights of the city are visible and it is quite spectacular to behold. Here is my attempt at a panoramic shot.

This is where I live. :)

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Brooke said...

J dogg,

Nice work on the panoramic! Oh, and, could you guys just wait in line and get some pizza for me and then ice pack it and mail it to me? That'd be great, thanks.