Friday, July 28, 2006

Pivotal Songs Explained

I wrote a big fat email to my friend explaining why these songs were pivotal so i thought i'd just post it here for all to see.

We Built This City & Video Killed the Radio Star:
I just love these songs because they make me happy, ALWAYS. Especially We Built This City. In our college days, my sister and I used to drive back and forth from BYU to our house like on the weekends and we'd spend much of it singing to the top of our lungs and "sit dancing", you know, only dancing from the waist up in your seat. So yeah. Just happy, happy songs.

Soundtrack from Jurassic Park:
First, I LOVED this movie when it came out. I still do. I think i saw it like 7 times in the theater, for real. Second, I really love movie soundtracks. It's been a pipedream of mine to do music for movies. That would be my style. So i just loved the music from this movie. John Williams is a fave. I used to listen to the soundtrack over and over and over again until i basically didn't need the movie because i knew exactly what was going on just by listening to the music. I'd get scared at the scary parts and everything.

Soundtrack from The Mission: Probably my #1 favorite soundtrack. The music is so freakishly beautiful and so emotional. I think this composer is an absolute genius. The movie is pretty darn good too. But yeah. The music just rocks. I bought this CD for my friend who loved it so much he bought it for HIS friend, who also loved it so he bought it for HIS friend. Cool, eh? I started a chain.

Dreams: I just loved this song and I really got into the Cranberries in high school. It was one of the first few CDs i ever owned.

Lakme, "the flower duet":
I have never seen this opera but i'm a huge huge fan of opera. I think the music is spectacular and is music in its highest form. "The Flower Duet" is the most beautiful operatic duet i have ever heard. I really got into opera music my freshman year of college when i took a humanities class. This is where i discovered this piece. One funny thing: Whenever i had people listen to it, they were like, "oh that's the duet in Shawshank Redemption!" I had never seen that movie. I was like, "really? cool!" Ok, like FIFTY people told me this. Finally i saw the movie. Totally NOT the same music! I was like, "WHAT the??" That one was a duet, sure, and they are female, but that's where the similarities end. It was a duet in Mozart's Marriage of Figaro. So i don't know what everyone was smokin'.

Turandot: Going along with the other, i just really love the main theme of this opera. It is seriously the most beautiful thing you've ever heard. I discovered this in that same humanities class.

Everybody Hurts: I just really like this song. I liked it the same time as the Cranberries. Good ol' REM.

The Last Song:
Ah yes. My sister liked Elton John and i listened to her tape and really dug this song. I had no idea who Elton John was and i just really liked his voice and this song was really good, and sad. So she bought me the tape, the very first album i ever, EVER owned. I think i was like 13 or something.

No Surprises: When I met Sean at the very beginning, he introduced me to Radiohead. We spent a lot of time chatting over IM and he sent me this song and i fell in love with it. I listened to it over and over. Thom Yorke's voice is like BUTTER. *swoon!* This is kind of "our song." (mine and Sean's, not mine and Thom's. Sorry Thom) which is funny because it's about like, suicide and stuff. But whenever i hear it now, i am immediately transported back to that summer and all the feelings and memories and random things i subconsciously associated to this song during the summer come rushing back which is seriously one of the best things about music and songs, don't you think? The ability to do that. This song makes me feel all those things again.

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)en said...

Ha ha ha... ohh Mary... that is awesome. Thanks for sharing that. I think we all have our guilty pleasure songs. I mean, I defy anyone to truthfully say they don't think Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears isn't catchy.

p.s. when are you going to get a blog?? I would love to read it!