Monday, May 08, 2006

Blog Pet Peeves

We are in the throes of the age of blogging. With that comes a slew of new terminology, portals of self-expression, and annoying behaviors. The following is a list of a few things that I find extremely irritating about blogs.

1- when people write blogs in the voice of their child. "I finger painted today... Mommy made dinner and i watched her from my chair. I love strained peas!"

and worse...

2- when people write blogs in the voice of their pet. AUUGH there could not be a more BORING or scratch-my-eyeballs-out irritating thing to read. And, it's creepy as well.

3- people who can't spell.

4- The amazing over-use of the phrase "but i digress" by an amazing amount of people whose blogs i've come across. It's like the universal blog phrase. Must everyone say it? I didn't get this memo, apparently, and i don't care because it sucks. it does NOT make you sound smart. It makes you sound like a quoet. What's a quoet, you ask? A quoet is a word i made up when i accidentally typed it instead of "quote" and is someone who can't come up with anything original to say. (rhymes with "poet" if you didn't catch that already.)

5- blogs about knitting. This one isn't quite a pet peeve but I'm just instantly bored to tears when i see that it's about knitting. If you're selling your stuff, that's one thing, but a blog entirely devoted to just knitting and new patterns you've developed is quite another, and I'm boring myself just talking about it.

Ok, that's all i have for now. Have you started noticing any blog behaviors that annoy you?


Rob said...

I was worried there for a minute. And my next post was going to be about knitting. Thanks for the heads up.

Brooke said...

I don't actually surf blogs a lot--I just read my friends'. And, they generally don't bug me. Except for this one who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Gosh, I tell you what. ;)