Thursday, April 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Birthdays come and birthdays go,
I love them all so, you see
I write a poem to celebrate
the very birth of me.

I try to be humble, I try to be meek
I try to pretend that it aint no thing,
But the truth of it is, I love my birthday
So please, go ahead, and sing.

My birthday is such that it has to be special,
in whichever way that might be,
I have to do something, anything, to celebrate
To say, "hey everyone, it's me!"

Sometimes i'm alone, so i do things myself
One time i gave donuts to strangers nearby,
They thought it was weird but then they were happy
'cause who doesn't like donuts? that's right!

I do what i can, to spread out the day
to elongate my birthdate,
I consider it a pretty good day
if it stretches over 3 days straight.

You would think by now, i'd be mature
and say, "my birthday? who cares? not me"
But forget that because deep down I know,
A kid at heart, i will forever be.

Every year, before the big day,
I try out the new age I'll be,
So far, up until now they've all been
Good-sounding ages for me.

This year has been good, and solid and fun,
I think that I've well-thrived
And it's probably because it was the year
That I turned twenty-five.

I just looked up and realized a very dumb thing
I've used "me and "be" like 42 times
Sorry, that's lame, but i'm too lazy to care
And besides, it's about more than just rhymes.

This poem is dumb and I'm not feeling smart
But it's ok, I write it for kicks.
I just wanted to tell you that I'm wishing myself,
A wonderfully fun 26th!


Brooke said...

Happy Birthday, J-doggy dog! Hope it's been the superest b-day ever!

Lianna said...

Happy 26th Jen! People whose bdays are in April are the coolest! :) I am glad you are happy about your next year, nice poem. Hope it's a fabulous one!