Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy ValentiMe's Day

The title of this post is not a typo. You really don't think I'm that dumb, do you. DO YOU?! just kidding. (I think spontaneous, out-of-the-blue-anger/freaking out is funny) Anyway, no, it is not a typo but is instead a tribute to the boy in church some six years ago. My sister Ashley was visiting me at college and we actually heard this guy stand up and give an announcement regarding "Valentime's Day." It was no accident on his part. And not only that, to our dismay, some girls sitting in front of us giggled and in response said "Valentime's? Cuuute!" Ashley wrote me an email today with the subject exactly the same as the title of this post (with the m capitalized), so i suppose it's also a tribute to her, for reminding me of this sweet little gem.

Today I've been sitting here doing some work while eating dark chocolate heart-shaped Dove chocolates, one right after the other, when i thought, maybe i should do a Valentine's post. Then i thought, what would i do? A love poem? Lame. A funny quip of some kind? Too lazy. And then, sitting there in my laziness, i thought, maybe i'll just take a picture of this Dove sitting in its wrapper. I did that and then thought, that was easy. What else is there around the house that has a Valentine-esque look to it? Then i looked to the left and saw my church binder that has a heart-shaped flier slid underneath the plastic. Sweet! So i walked around the house and found these things that are somewhat related to Valentine's Day or love or whatnot. All of these things just happened to be sitting there. i was surprised at all the things I found.

I don't know about you but Doves always make me feel loved, especially when the messages on their wrappers tell me things like "share a secret." (double thumbs down)

Here's the next one:

This was in the folder when the previous primary secretary gave it to me. i think it's a flier advertising some church activity on how to decorate cookies. I did not attend this activity. I would like a valentine cookie now though. Mmm.

Next i went into the living room and looked at the pile of CDs on the bookshelf. On top was this one that I had Sean make for me. On it are classics such as Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You (#1 love song, according to VH1 a couple of years ago. No, Steph and Ash and I didn't sit on our behinds and watch the entire countdown starting at 100), Willie Nelson's You Were Always On My Mind (Ash--i cannot BELIEVE you didn't know this from my complete rendition of it for the humdinger when we played Cranium. Shame!), and Elton John's Your Song.

I made my way to the shelf on the opposite wall in the living room and saw a small fuzzy box. I admit, for this one I had to alter it a bit but it was basically sitting there already open. Sean's parents bought me (and all the daughters) a little silver heart pendant with my name on it. (they actually didn't give the other girls one with my name though. That would be weird. or cool..? I can't decide. The egotistical Jen inside me has just burst into song singing "You must...love... me..." from Evita--speaking of love songs.) Now, if you know me, you know I love personalized things. This was a nice gift.

I looked directly down from the shelf and saw, sitting on a crusty chest of drawers Sean found on the street, a book. What book you ask? I'm almost too ashamed to admit this but it was there, out in the open, and i had to snap a picture. My sisters and I used to gather together on Thursday nights once upon a time to have dinner and watch, among others, the TV show Charmed back when Shannon Doherty lit up our lives and when the cheesiness of the show often combatted with its totally unexpected, probably accidental, but truly funny dialogue resulting in a good time of mocking the show while relishing it as a guilty pleasure. A couple of years ago, as a joke (?), Stephanie gave us this book which I TOTALLY haven't read.. by myself, when Sean was gone... and when i hid the book in my drawer when he was home...

How can you go wrong with "sealed with a curse"? I ask you. I have no idea why it's sitting out, by the way. Wait a minute. Sean??

I then went into the small bedroom and saw, on the desk, this Valentine card I bought 2 years ago and forgot to give to someone not once, not twice, but three times including this year. I think the exact words I said were, "son of a!" when i realized i did it a third time. But since it was out, i could take its pic and include it here so i guess it got some use afterall. Some day it'll be given to someone though. Some day... although i'd better be careful it's not to one of you else you know i sent you a 2-year-old card i was desperate to get rid of. But i mean, hey, if that doesn't declare sincere affection, i just don't know what does.

Finally I made my way back to the kitchen and saw this message I wrote on the chalkboard months and months ago.

By the way, i think that up there in the righthand corner is the combination to a padlock we bought a while ago. Don't you dare write it down!!

Have a very happy, fun, super Valentine's Day in whichever way suits you best. XOXO

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Brooke said...

Love the photo journalism, J. I really need to get me a digital camera so I can be cool, like you. I know, the camera alone won't do it, but it'll help.