Thursday, November 10, 2005


Hi there, it's me, Jen. I don't really have anything terribly exciting to blog about but here I am. Mainly i'm just sick of seeing that ugly raven with his lame-o racket. Nevermore, Raven! Yeah, who's quothing now??

*crickets chirping*

Aaanyway, so here I go. First item of business: I did take pictures of my new boots. Yes, I am that lame and yes, you DO get to see them. Hurrah!*

Here is pic 1.

Here is a close-up pic of the stitching:

Fun, eh? Brown suede with a sort of "cowboy-esque" look. I thought I'd wear them to church, with skirts and stuff, and maaaybe other places, but I totally wear them all the time, just with jeans. They're becoming my everyday shoes. Kind of fun.

Second item: Tomorrow night I am meeting Sean at the MET museum. This will be good times. He has to go for work. I'm not sure what exactly he has to do, but it's been a while since we've been so this will be good. Plus, I need to do the Met in increments. It's good stuff in there, but it's so huge and i get very tired.

Third: Since moving into the new apartment, we have been in dire need of countertop space. There's just no place to work. We had a few creative ideas and I was busy looking on craigslist for some long'ish table thing to match the measurements in the space we needed to fill. Something long, narrow, that didn't stick out too much, since there's only a certain amount of room between the wall and the sink. Finally we saw a table for $40 and bought it. It had drawers on two opposite sides. But the only thing was that it was basically square. Not exactly ideal for the alotted area. So you know what we did? My genius husband borrowed a round table saw from a friend and took that thing out back and performed miracle surgery to create the most beautiful counter/table-thing i've ever seen. Behold!

He sawed it in half, attached the two ends together so the drawers all face the same direction, and where they attach is almost seamless. It's stunning. Here's a close-up:

And, since the table was regular-table height, he had to add some height to its legs so he gave it some little booties.

Isn't it great?? I love this table!! Sean is a wizard. This is exactly what we envisioned and what was once a crazy idea is now our reality and it is perfect and I love it.

Fourth item: Has anyone wondered why four is spelled 'ou' but forty is spelled with just an 'o'? What's that about. I think i'm having little patience with nonsensical spelling lately. I don't know why. This isn't really what item 4 was supposed to be but ehh...let's just leave it.

Item 5: It appears that our fall has finally come, here in the East. The season, that is. No mayhem or mass destruction going on here--yet. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the leaves to change. I really was scared they wouldn't, and that they'd just shrivel up and fall off the tree a stale, dead green/gray'ish color. And that would have been a total rip-off given that i HATE winter and the cold and if I'm to have a prelude to it, it'd better be spectacular and beautiful. So now it's here. It is quite lovely, although i hope it's not too late for the leaves to get really pretty. It's getting chillier these days. The leaves are giving it all they've got but I hope they can last long enough to give us an outstanding show. Let's hope.

#6: Here are a couple of pics of my favorite costumes from our church halloween party. It was pretty fun and I love these two. First we have Harry Potter and Hedwig.

That little boy is soooo cuuute in his outfit! Little white hood and tights! And the felt wings. Ohhh i was dying.

Here's another:

How awesome is that?? I love that these oldschool toys i used to play with/watch on tv are coming back. I loved Rainbow Brite. I think this costume was a hand-me-down from the girl's mom. Total vintage.

So we have six total items of business to cover today, apparently, since i can't think of anything else. So good job. Blog adjourned. (I don't know)

*I always get confused with the spelling of 'hurrah' and 'hooray.' What the deal? Why are there two totally different spellings for basically the same words? Why not hurray? or hoorah? I tell you, nothing makes sense anymore...


Anonymous said...

Man, Jen. Thanks for the new post. I mean, I loved seeing the raven every day when I'd check your blog for updates, but I'm glad there's something new for me to read. And I loved the randomness, too. It was like "Jen's Potpourri" today.

Brooke said...

Oh my gosh, love the Harry Potter and Hedwig. Brilliant!

And, nice boots. I seriously love 'em. Seriously.

Ugh, it's getting late and I have no vocabulary.

)en said...

Ahh..that would have been a good title for this post. Maybe i'll have to use it in the future. Maybe... Jen-pourri? Heh.

Rob said...

Ok...we're definitely related. Item 4 about four and forty totally bugs me. And I was going to use this for my blog (and still might), but since you seem to think like me here's another one. Speak and Speech. What the heck!?! I once asked if this bugged anyone when I was working at the MTC and apparently people don't think like us.

)en said...

YES, which is why i always have to retype 'speech' a few times to get it right. I always have a tendency to spell it 'speach' first. I'm ok with 'speak' but yeah.. strugs there. That's totally funny. Yes, blog about it. It needs to be addressed.

Anonymous said...

great post. i don't think i need to tell you how i feel about the boots.