Monday, October 17, 2005

NY Heart Steph

The title of this blog just gave me a million dollar idea! You know how there are those t-shirt that say "I Heart NY"? Well they should make shirts that say "NY Heart Me"!! Brilliant! You know, for the typical New York ego-centric type.

But that's not really what I meant by the title. My sister Stephanie is not one of those people. But I really do think New York loves her. Why? She visits it twice a year and spends a none-too-shabby sum on the fab-o clothes we find, mostly from the store that holds the key to the hearts of all who've been lucky enough to enter its doors, H&M. We often "joke" that Steph comes to visit just for the shopping. Yeah, I wonder... One of these days i'm convinced i'll be walking along on 34th street and will run into Stephanie, arms loaded down by H&M bags. "Steph! What the??" And she'll have to instantly think of some excuse for her being there without my knowing, which will be "Oh! Uh.. SURPRISE!" and she'll give me the bags, making me think she was shopping there secretly just for me. Yeah, that'll teach her to keep secrets from me! Sucker!

But anyway, Steph flies in to JFK tonight at around 9:30. Sean and I are both totally excited because it is always good times when she is here. We've gotten way past the "awkward guest" stage and she makes herself right at home, and it's as if she's always lived here. We will pick her up at the airport and then take the subway home. Then the fun begins! Fortunately the week's weather forecast looks sparkling, as it should, since it's been raining profusely for the past week, and things should be clean and smelling good. Or at least, there shouldn't be as much trash in the street. I can't make any promises. (pause) That makes it sound like I throw trash in the street, but I don't! I just don't really know how there could ever NOT be trash in the street. Sorry, but it's true. One day during heavy rains, we were walking out and saw a big street drain not really clogged but no water was going down it, creating a nice big pool instead. "That's a good sign," we said. Luckily we suffered no floodage of any kind. I think we're on a small incline. *whew*

Sorry, i got side-tracked by the weather, a commonality here in the city, both literally and conversationally. What i really want to say is, welcome back to your second home, Steph!

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the NY props for myself. It's totally good times with you and I'm so glad we can have so much fun. And in case you're wondering, it's you and THEN H&M...totally in that order. :)