Saturday, September 10, 2005

So long, Orange

Well, we're moved out of Orange, our apartment. EX-apartment, I should say. *sniff* The only things left are cleaning supplies, bags of trash (which i don't anticipate carrying back with us and setting up in our new apartment) and a couple other random things. As i type this, I am sitting on the floor in the corner, leaning against the wall. It is a sad thing to see this place so empty. The emptiness of it, where our home things once stood, makes it so our voices echo off the blank and saddened walls. I'm not going to try to be poetic. But I am sad, and I feel bad for leaving. It's been 2 good years. Thanks Orange, for making them so fun and colorful.


Brooke said...

Orange served you well. I am glad I spent some time there, albeit brief. On to new horizons! (You took your cultivated weed with you, right?) :)

Anonymous said...

You can always roll back by and reminesce with the limo guys.

)en said...

which i will, and have done, several times.