Friday, June 10, 2005

June Newsletter

Jen: Well, ok. It has been a while since we did one of these. Kim, thanks for giving us the oomph that we needed. Although, I do post things (sometimes newsy) on my blog so check back here to find out the goings-on of Jen and Sean! (gotta give a plug for my own website. Actually this is just a ploy to lure you here.) There’s also an April Newsletter here for any of you who never looked at my website. Serves you right! Just kidding. I won’t lecture you into visiting my blog. That’s not the way to go, Jen...

Sean: It's true, Jen's site makes for a fine homepage (hint hint). We have a lot of things to catch everyone up on... To skip to the biggest news of the past few weeks, I had the pleasure of seeing my own major celebrity: Hal Holbrook. Jen has been so jealous.

Jen: It’s true. I HAVE been jealous that Sean saw a “celebrity” who no one seems to know. Lucky stiff…

Sean: Sean: Unfortunately, there is no photo-documentation of this event. But then, I never remember my camera at the really big moments of life.

Jen: Aaanyway, so what’s been going on? My mind’s a blank. Ah yes. My parents came for a visit in mid-May. We had such a great time. It was so fun hanging out, chatting, and playing with them. We ate pizza by the pier, visited the pretty Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, played games, went to the farmers market, etc. We had a great time. My parents are so fun, and funny, I might add.

Sean: It's true, we had a great time with Jen's parents. Lots of eating and lots of talking, it doesn't get any better than that. We’re including a picture of when some people from Good Morning America called over and interviewed the Scoresbys on the sidewalk. Fun, man. Since our last newsletter, we also had Jen's birthday, which was a lot of fun, capped off by intergalactic writing instruments, check it all out here.

Jen: Sean is turning into quite the birthday king. He did so many crazy nice things for me. I felt very spoiled. I also feel a little old. 25? It’s flat-out mid-20’s. What the? Oh well. It’s a good solid number.

Sean: In other news, I'm about three weeks from being done with the coursework for my degree. So, I’m looking for a job in NY and we’re planning for the future. It’s a pretty exciting time. My final exhibition will be in September, when the art season starts again.

Jen: Can you believe he’ll be done? Hallelujah! We’re both very excited, and his show should be really exciting as well, and cool. Yes, for those who are wondering, we’ll probably be staying here for at least another year. Can’t leave yet. So much more to do and see!

Sean: We’re enjoying a nice warm summer around here. When it finally warmed up (and stopped raining), the weather just got HOT. So we’ve made our first return visit to gorgeous Coney Island Beach.

Jen: … an island paradise… that’s not really an island. Or paradise. No, that’s a lie. We love it there. I've missed having trash, i.e. a paper plate, blow onto my face while i'm laying there catching some rays. :) But yes, it has been very hot. But summer is so much better than winter. Ahhh… and I can’t wait for all the fun summer activities we can do! Like outdoor concerts…parades… street fairs… The list is endless.

Sean: It has been great having lots of friends and family come to stay with
us in the past few weeks. If I've counted right, we've had seven
groups this year with one more scheduled for next week (Kim and
Rich!), and several tentatives before the summer's over. We love
having guests.

Jen: Yes. Of all the siblings, we’ve probably seen Kim & Rich the least. So this will be so fun! Get excited guys. Lots of good bonding ahead. Hey, maybe we’ll have a power outage like when you did in Ohio over Christmas. Then it would be sort of the same. Wouldn’t that be FUN?

Sean: Jen has started tutoring ESL for adults, she’s volunteering at a place called the International Center. She’s teaching a Japanese man and a Korean woman right now, helping them hone their pronunciation skills. She wrote about it here.

Church has been keeping both of us busy. Jen is now up to three official callings (primary secretary, Activities committee, employment specialist) and all the piano stuff has become unofficial (exclusive baptismal service pianist, special musical accompanist, and sacrament piano substitute). She’s having a good time. We’ve been joking about how if you put “Primary Secretary” on a resume, it sounds really important, like Secretary of State or something…

Jen: Ah yes. I find “employment specialist” ridiculously ironic. Apparently, because I told someone about my temping place, I’m getting referrals left and right. Or people who need to be referred, or whatever. I don’t mention that I, myself, loathe doing temp/receptionist work, but hey, whatever floats your boat. So that one’s not official at all. I don’t know what Sean’s talking about. Anyway, church does keep me extremely and happily busy but not as busy as it does Sean. Tell ‘em, Sean.

Sean: I've been having a good time with my one calling. It has been really great helping out, doing High Council stuff. I am assigned to the ward that includes the most distant parts of Brooklyn, including Coney Island. The only drawback is that I rarely get to go to church with Jen.

Jen: Yeah, but Sean’s doing such great work. The missionaries LOVE him, as does everyone else he serves. He just got an email of praise from the temple president for his good work on rounding up volunteers from the stake to clean the temple. He is also teaching a class in Bensonhurst (his assigned ward) so people can learn correct gospel principles and cease to spread shifty “doctrine” (i.e. “Adam is God”).

Sean: Everything's an adventure. We're having a good time. We’re pretty busy these days with school, job searches, church, art, work, and all. Even at home, we’re both working… Jen’s been cyber-commuting, doing proofreading for her dad’s Legacy Foundation, and I’m doing a little freelance design and some writing for a new online magazine. Still, we try to find time to go for walks, eat popsicles, see friends and enjoy the city.

Jen: Indeed. Well, that about does it for now. p.s. I'm listening to Andrea Bocelli on PBS right now. He rules. Please keep checking back here. I will try to be funnier and find interesting/entertaining things to talk about/post. Oh, we'd like to give a shout-out to El Rob who has a birthday today. Happy 18th, big guy! Now get out there and vote! Also, happy birthday wishes to Jon on the 12th. Party!

Love to all,

Nej & Naes


Anonymous said...

Good times. Good to hear from you guys. I always enjoy your newsletters. I'm glad you'll be putting some interesting topics on your site Jen, bout time. mmpphh.

P.S. Hal Holbrook rules. I'm with you Sean. I can tell you off the top of my head three flicks that he was in and they aren't bad movies either. Magnum Force,(see one of my previous posts) The Star Chamber and The Firm. I'm sure there are many others. Holbrook Rules!

Anonymous said...

What did Good Morning America interview your parents about?

Anonymous said...

weeeell... i think that's a question for Lynn and Dot. :)

Anonymous said... mysterious...