Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Most Disturbing Thing

I received an email from my sister Ashley and it's quite humorous and deserves to be a post here on my blog. So, in the words of Ashley Scoresby Banks, guest writer for jenslog:

Here it is. The most disturbing thing I've seen today and for many days, actually. Here's a little background. They put up photos of the employees of the month in this special case by the bathrooms, and the guy who was it last month had a bunch of pictures of him hunting and cleaning the deer and the antlers he ended up with. (GROSS. I do feel that it's a moral issue to hunt, but that's another story. I just feel those maybe weren't the best pictures to put up in a very public and supposedly professional place.) Anyway, I remember being grossed out by those for a month when I'd pass by. And then today, when I passed his desk, I saw that he had a calendar hanging up with pictures of cute little deer on it. Ewwww! Don't hang up pictures of things you kill! Isn't that sick? And now aren't YOU disturbed?


Anonymous said...

I can see that this would be disturbing to some. I have to admit, however, that this man's behavior doesn't freak me out. This may be because I've spent 2 years in Logan, where hunting and guns and demolition derbies are the order of the day.

I'm trying to wrap my head around why I'm okay with the Bambi calendar. Okay, here goes. I think hunters regard their prey as something beautiful, not just as something to destroy. Now, it seems antithetical to kill something you regard as beautiful, just to hang it in your living room. But, in a lesser sense, that's what we do when we cut flowers and put them in a vase. They do die because of our actions. But, you could argue that the person who has flowers on their table sees their intrinsic beauty more than those who don't spend the time or money to procure them for their own home. So, is it possible that hunters recognize an animal's beauty much more than the average Joe Blow? I don't know jack about a deer's antlers, but a hunter will notice how many points there are, how they look according to the season, etc.

So, I guess what I'm saying is, back off the hunter. Geez. :)

)en said...

I gueeess so. There's something a little morbid about explaining to someone the significance of a deer's antlers whilst holding the deer's severed head, that is not quite the same as showing someone the pretty flower you picked.

What do you all think?

Anonymous said...

Andrea and I are hanging out tonight and we just wanted to add a comment more than anything (not like we have anything interesting to say). We just wanted to see our names on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I can see that the hunter might regard the deer as beautiful. And there are some interesting parallels with putting a flower in a vase. But I still don't see why it is a good idea to kill the beautiful thing and place it on your wall as a trophy. Doesn't kllling the animal take away from some of it beauty? It's hard for a deer to be majestic and graceful when its inanimate, disembodied head is staring at you. Like Ash, I have some moral issues with hunting. Maybe I just feel that way because I'm from Boulder.